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The beginning of a new endeavor

August 28, 2010

***Again, this was originally just a facebook post made on Monday, August 23, 2010.

So, I’ve decided to kinda use the notes section on facebook like a blog.  And hopefully, I will have all of you to keep me accountable (whoever may be reading this, haha).

So, today is day 1 of putting some intensity into the thoughts and prayers that I’ve been having over the last few months.  First, is a renewed focus on fitness.  I restarted the Turbo Fire program that I originally started back in July.  With our anniversary trip and then celebrating my birthday, I got out of my routine.  So, starting over today.  The workout was great – a 30 min cardio and 10 min stretch.  I must admit, though, I could tell it had been a few weeks.  I was dragging just a little bit.  But I felt great after!  That is the feeling that we all have to remember when we don’t want to workout or when we want to quit halfway through – remember how good it feels when you are done!!!

As part of me taking this seriously, I took new measurements and stepped on the scale this morning.  And, as scared as I am to do this, I am going to post it here and then repost every week or every other week to keep track of my progress.  I think that will really help me stay focused on my goals.  So, here we go:

Weight: 140.2

Thighs: 22.5 in

Below Belly Button: 37.5

At Belly Button: 31.25

Chest: 36.5

Arms: 11.25 R and 11 L

If any of you are working towards specific weight loss goals and want to be accountable, I am happy to help you out.  And you don’t have to post your numbers for all to see – we can do it over email or private message.  It is key to have a partner in this journey.

In terms of keeping my mind healthy, the new book I am starting tonight is The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.  I have had it on my bookshelf for years, so I think it’s time I read it.  And, although the book is faith-based, I will also be reading another book as part of my spiritual health: Awed to Heaven, Rooted to Earth by Walter Brueggemann.  He is an Old Testament professor at Columbia Seminary in Decatur (although he may have retired by now).  We read many of his books in seminary, but this one is a collection of his prayers.  I am very excited to read this because I really admire him and look to him as a great Old Testament scholar.

Ok, so there we have it.  The beginning of my new journey.  I post this for myself, because I know the power that putting something in writing has.  But, I also post it to encourage whoever reads it in their own journey.  Blessings to you all!

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