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Creating a Vision Board

September 6, 2010

So this week I put together a vision board for my life.  There are a lot of ways to do a vision board and a lot of different reasons to do one.  For me, it was about taking some of my dreams and goals out of my head and in a form that I can actually see.  That way, those things that I am striving for and dreaming about are in front of me every day, staring me in the face, reminding me to work harder so that my dreams and goals will become a reality.

Here is a picture of my vision board.  I’m not super artsy, so the pictures are fairly plain and simple, but that’s what works best for me.

On the left side of the board are some of my long term dreams.  I love to travel, so I would love to be able to travel the world without concern about going into debt to do it.  So, there is a picture of a cruise ship, kayaking, and a winery.

Along with the long term goals are the pictures of the University of Georgia football field and Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke University.  As a huge sports fan, I would love to be able to cheer on my alma maters with season tickets to both events.

Near the bottom are two images related to being debt free in my life – the cut up credit cards and the Financial Peace logo.  My husband and I completed Dave Ramsey’s program before we got married, and we continue to follow his program to achieve financial freedom.

In the center is a picture of my family.  They take center stage in my life and will always be a huge part of who I am.  I also want to start my own family one day, so I have the picture of the baby nursery.

On the bottom right are some specific certifications I would like to receive – Turbo Kick and Piyo, both group fitness certifications.  I am currently certified in Hip Hop Hustle and would love to expand.

To the left of those pictures is a brochure from World Vision.  I currently sponsor a child through this amazing program and would love to be able to sponsor more as well as serve on some of their mission trips.  Some of the most transformative experiences in my life have been while on mission trips.

The top right contain two items, a VBS curriculum and a preschool chapel curriculum, that I have written or co-written.  The goal with those is publication.  We are working towards it with the VBS but I need to kick it into gear concerning the chapel curriculum.

Finally, there are two phrases that struck me when looking through some magazines: “Impact. Make One.” and “Healing and Helping.”  I think those are perfect and encompass what I want my life to be about!

I would love to see or hear about your goals and visions!  We can all keep each other accountable!

For more information about vision boards, check this website:

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