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So much more than fitness

September 20, 2010

On the outside, beachbody and beachbody coaching appeared to be just about getting in shape and helping others achieve their fitness goals.  For me, as someone who has benefited from the products, I thought coaching would be a great way to make a little extra money on the side doing what I was already doing – recommending the workout programs that both my husband and I had used and fell in love with.  It wasn’t until a month or so after becoming a coach that I began to see that my life was going to change in so many more ways than I ever imagined.

First, it is about being part of a team.  We are all scattered around the country, brought together by a common thread.  Over the past few months, our team has grown together in amazing ways, being connected on levels that go beyond beachbody and even beyond fitness.  We are here to help each other grow in every aspect of our lives.  We encourage and motivate one another daily, whether over the phone or on social media.

Second, it is about transforming the whole self, not just the physical body.  Coaching is just as much about personal development as it is about fitness.  Reading books and listening to audio that challenge you, teach you, inspire you, and motivate you becomes part of your daily to do list.  It is amazing what just 10 pages a day can do or 15 minutes of listening to an audio book or program.

As a student, I was always reading multiple books at a time.  So, when I graduated, I basically rebelled from reading because I had had such an overload.  But now, I am diving into books, wanting to read everything.  I want to learn more.  And I want to learn more about a variety of topics.  I read books related to my full time job as a minister.  I read books about psychology and understanding others’ personalities.  I read books about marketing and networking.  I read books about leadership.  No matter what the topic, I know that there is something in it for me to learn and to absorb.

What are you reading right now?  I would love to add some of your recommendations to my reading list!

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