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Wow…I watch way too much TV!

September 22, 2010

So, it has been a full month since I began this new journey. I thought I would look back over the past four weeks and offer some insights about what I have observed or learned. In no particular order, here are reflections at the end of my first month of “Life Alterations”:

  • I watch way too much tv, and not even tv that I enjoy. With trying to set aside time for all the reading and activities I want to do each day, my mindless tv watching greatly decreased. Now, I only watch those shows that I am committed to and only watch on dvr so I can fast forward through commercials.
  • Change isn’t easy at first, but it feels great once you get into a routine. I don’t know how I wasn’t doing all this before!
  • Having someone or a group of people to support you and keep you accountable is key! Not only do I have my wonderful husband, but I have a great group of ladies in my fitness coaching team that push me and inspire me. You can meet them here:
  • Saying you don’t have time to exercise or to read or to study the bible is NOT an excuse. There is always time; it’s just a matter of setting your priorities and sticking to them!
  • Working towards “wholy living” isn’t something to take lightly. It takes dedication, discipline, accountability, and, most importantly, an openness to the presence of God.
  • Thank you, again, for reading. I hope and pray that we are all moving towards a life that is whole and holy. How are you doing in that journey?

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