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New Goal: 5k every month

November 10, 2010

When Chris and I started dating, he introduced me to the fabulous Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta on July 4th.  He had run it a few times and convinced me to do it with him.  It is a great event and a lot of fun, but a little painful when you are out of shape and unconditioned.  After our first run together, we talked about training together and being able to kill it the next year.  Well, that didn’t happen.  Last year, when we ran it, we decided that we would make a goal of running a race every month to help with training for this year’s race.  Well, that didn’t exactly happen either.  And, since the 4th was a Sunday this year, we were unable to run it because, as a minister, Sunday is kinda busy.  No race = no realization that even though we may be in shape we are not in running condition.


Last month, as I posted about, we ran the Right to Hike Ella’s Run 5k.  It was a great run for a great cause.  And, surprisingly, we both did pretty well in the race.  It helped that we got to run with our dog, and she definitely pushed us the whole way 🙂  After that race, we decided to renew our commitment to a race every month. Shock of all shocks — we are following through!!!  This Saturday, we will head to Albany where my sister and her husband live to run the Albany YMCA 5k.

I am actually really excited about the race – I’m feeling really good after last month’s race, and, even though I haven’t been running since, my Turbo Fire workouts are really challenging my anaerobic and aerobic conditioning levels.  So, we shall see how Saturday goes 🙂

We forgot to take pictures at Ella’s Run, but with my sister and bro-in-law there to cheer us on Saturday, we will definitely get some snap shots to post.

I’d love to hear any race tips you have.  If this is something that interests you or challenges you, we’d love to have you join us in this monthly goal!!!

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