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Spring Cleaning in December

December 7, 2010

Recently, Chris and I decided to go through all of our clothes and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit.  We attacked all the closets in our house (we have things spread out everywhere!) and all the drawers.  We both had a wide assortment of styles and sizes.  Chris has lost about 50 lbs over the past 2 years, so his size has drastically changed.  He put on one of his suits and he could practically wrap the jacket around himself twice!  I also had a wide range of sizes, mostly clothes that I love but are just too big now.  I finally let go of the emotional attachment and got rid of them.  And now, it feels great!

It has always been a goal of mine to be able to go into my closet and put on whatever I want.  After years of having those skinny jeans hanging in the back just begging to be worn, I have finally achieved that goal.  And let me tell you, it is an amazing feeling!  No more sucking it in to button the pants or doing the little duck walk to stretch out the legs and butt area of the pants or putting on baggy tops to hide the hideous muffin top.

Yes, it is good to set a goal and to have a piece of “goal clothing” that you are working towards wearing.  But you don’t need a closet full of it!  And, when you do reach a new weight, get rid of all the baggy clothes – you will feel better and increase your self-confidence by dressing for your body.

Ok, enough of that soap box.  Another great advantage to the clean out? More room to add new clothes!  And, with the holidays coming up, what better time to do it?!

Here are the bags of clothes, shoes, and accessories we took to Goodwill.  Hopefully, they will find a good home 🙂

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