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Wonderful Wednesday – Retreats and Broken Brackets

March 23, 2011

I had the amazing opportunity to attend a Christian Education retreat on Monday and Tuesday.  And, an added bonus?  I got to meet up with my great friends, Audrey and Rachel.  We hadn’t been together in person in over a year, so it was great to finally have some time to catch up and be together.  The conference was with the fabulous Delia Halverson, a prolific writer in the area of Christian Ed.  There were only about 17 people on the retreat, so it was great to have some individual time with Delia.  We all got lots of ideas to take back with us, so I’m excited about putting some of them into practice.  I won’t share them all here, but if you’re interested I’m happy to share! 🙂

We also got a chance to chat up Delia about publishing options for the Vacation Bible School curriculum we wrote.  She had some great suggestions, so we have a renewed energy for getting “God’s Good Green Earth” in the hands of many!  If you have any publishing connections, do tell!!

On a totally different note, and not so wonderful, my bracket is totally busted!  My final four picks were Duke (duh!), Notre Dame, Syracuse, and Pitt.  Yea, awful, I know.  Oh well, now I’m just going to be pulling for the upsets, except of course for Duke.  C’mon Blue Devils!  How are your brackets doing?  Anyone actually pick some of the major upsets???

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  1. March 23, 2011 9:44 pm

    oh yeah…I forgot about the whole Duke thing (haha)…I didn’t make a bracket this year because mine NEVER works out.

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