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Home Grown Monday – Picture Collages

March 28, 2011

I am a huge fan of hanging photos around the house.  I just love being surrounded by the faces of my family and friends as well as pictures of places that I have visited.  In our house, we have two picture collage walls.  The one in the dining room has pictures from our trip to Italy, Greece, and Croatia a few summers ago.  I love the floating frames, even if they were a pain in the booty to get centered!

The other photo collage is in the hallway from the foyer leading into the den/family room.  It will be a family picture wall.  Currently, I only have a few of the frames filled, but I got sick of the frames just sitting on the floor, so I hung them and will add the pictures as I get them from family members.

So, I thought I would share a few tips for hanging photo collages.  It can take some time and effort to do, but it’s worth it to avoid all the extra nail holes in the wall.  Believe me, I know from experience!

There are two methods that I have used.  The first one I did with the pictures in the dining room.  Because it is more symmetrical, I decided to use graph paper to map it out.  First, I measure the wall and then converted it to scale it down for the graph paper.  Then, I measured the frames and cut their scaled down images out of graph paper.  I could then move the frames around on the paper to figure out the best configuration.  Once I decided on the layout, I was able to measure the correct location for the nail holes based on the measurements on the graph paper.  Like I said, it is time consuming but very worth it when you have a lot of pictures to frame.

The second method I used for the more abstract design on the family picture wall.  I measured each frame and then cut out a piece of paper the same size.  I could then tape the paper to the wall (just using a small piece of tape).  Once I had all the pieces taped on the wall, I was able to put the nails in the right spot and then, with the nail in the wall, pull the paper off the wall and replace it with the correct frame.  Doesn’t take as much time, but it is harder to make straight lines if you are trying to line frames up exactly.

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