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5k a Month – Update!

March 29, 2011

I realized I haven’t given an update on our goal of running a 5k every month.  We ran a local one in Peachtree City in January.  It was absolutely freezing (well, by Georgia standards).  I had been starting to have some problems with my knee but nothing major until this race.  By the 1 mile mark, I had to stop to walk and try and stretch my knee out as it started to give me trouble.  After walking about half a mile, I decided to try running again.  That’s when the shooting pain started.  Oh, goodie!  So, I ended up walking the rest of the race because I could barely put any pressure on my knee.  Poor Chris had to wait forever for me at the finish line, but I made it eventually.

I decided to take a trip to the doctor to have my knee checked out.  After a few x-rays and an exam, they determined there was nothing wrong.  Great, thanks so much!  So, I spent all of February trying to nurse my knee and build up the muscles around the knee to try and decrease the pain.  Chris and I did go run 3 miles around fayetteville near the end of the month and my knee didn’t act up, so I took that as a good sign.

We went up to Watkinsville two weekends ago for our March 5k benefiting Oconee County Middle School, where my sister has been teaching up to about two weeks ago when she switched over to Malcomb Bridge.  Anyway, the race was at noon, so a little hotter but not unbearable.  My time wasn’t fabulous but I ended up getting first in my age group!  Woo hoo!  Here’s a pic of me accepting my lovely plaque 🙂

My knee is still not at 100%, but I think it’s getting there.  Hopefully, I will be pain free by our April race.  Oh, and, Chris is abandoning me for the April race.  He has to be too cool and participate in a duathlon.  So, if anyone wants to run together in April, let’s do it!

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