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Lookin’ Good for your Workout

June 7, 2011

Chalene Johnson, one of my fitness mentors, has talked about the effect your workout clothes have on your workout.  They don’t have to be fancy or expensive or flashy but they do have to make you feel good.  She says that when you feel better about yourself you will work harder in your workout.  I have heard others say that they wear less clothes during their workouts as motivation.  And then there are others who just throw on an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt to workout.  I have found, in my experience, that I work harder and get more excited about my workouts when I dress the part.  Now, this means different things for different workouts.  For Hip Hop Hustle, I love to rock my Hustle sweatpants and an oversized tee.  For Body Recall, loose pants and a Body Recall tee work well.  When I go running, I’ve got my trusty Nike running shorts and t-shirt.  And, most recently, I have a great new halter top for Zumba.

One thing I have come to appreciate, however, is the quality of my workout gear.  I have some yoga pants that are at least 5 years old.  They are super soft and comfy but really starting to fall apart.  Other yoga pants I picked up at Old Navy on sale for $5.  They kinda have an odd fit at the knees but they’ll do when everything else is dirty.  What do YOU like to wear when you workout?  Do you have any brand or store suggestions to share?

Here are some links to some of my favorite workout gear:

Turbo Wear – The sweat pants and the waffle cargo shorts are amazing!!!
Zumba – I just got introduced to these clothes.  They are a little pricey but I look forward to saving up for some good stuff!
Nike Shorts – A classic item.

Let me know your must-haves!!!

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  1. June 7, 2011 11:46 am

    I used to wear yoga crops or sofees with a t-shirt to run or work out, but last month I purchased my first legitimate “running outfit” (Nike running crops and a Nike tech tee) and I love it! I totally agree that I work out harder and longer when I wear that outfit. I am going to treat myself to another similar outfit when I finish 30 Day Shred (on July 3).

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